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ANYONE can begin training at Paragon Martial Arts Academy. We have classes for the pure beginner all the way to the most advanced students.

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We offer expert instruction in (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing. Call us at (214) 290-4107 if you have any questions. We offer classes for the pure beginner up to the most advanced students. We specialize in making sure you reach your goals. Come check out of World Class Facility and meet our awesome instructors!


This is just a sample of what students are saying about Paragon Martial Arts Academy


“Great instructors. No egos. I looked at a few academies. When I came to Paragon I felt part of the team right away”

Jeremy New Home“After training BJJ and MMA in Arizona for a few years, I moved to Dallas and immediately started looking for an academy to train at. After looking at a few places, I found Paragon and never looked back. It felt like a home to me. The guys here train hard, but they train smart too. No bad attitudes either which is pretty rare. Coach John and Coach Alex are always developing their own understanding of BJJ and teaching new techniques and new positions. They are approachable and always available for questions after class too. Clean place and huge mat too” JEREMY KOENINGER, BJJ


“I’m totally addicted. I have been doing the kickboxing for more than a year and wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Allison Garza New Home“I’m in the kickboxing class at Paragon 3 days per week. It’s the best cardio workout you can find, period. I wear a heart rate monitor and work out 6 days a week; a couple of times with a trainer, do various classes, also straight cardio. Hands down kickboxing burns the most calories. It’s fun and is great for your entire body; shoulders, abs, gluts, legs. I am totally addicted. I’m an almost 50 year old female and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I have been doing the kickboxing class or a little more than a year.” ALLISON GARZA, KICKBOXING


Kids\Teens Promotion Night


“My son looks forward to training every day. At Paragon we are like a big family.”


Steven 2 New Home We joined the program in Jan 2013. My son Steven wanted to try something new. Something to learn how to defend himself if in a bad situation while in school. But never did I thought he was going to fall in love with Jiu Jitsu. It’s his passion everyday he want to learn more. He looks forward to the next day.  I would definitely and have recommended this academy to all my friends and family with kids and for themselves.” STEVEN BARELLAS, KIDS BJJ    

“My daughter really likes being part of the team. Her self-confidence is sky high”

prec Copy New Home   “My daughter Precious has been training for a little over a year now. The best benefit she receives from training is most of all the self-confidence. She really enjoys being apart of the team and I love seeing her being involved at Paragon.” PRECIOUS RODRIGUEZ, TEENS BJJ


Bootcamp Testimony – Jenna

Bootcamp Testimony – Courtenay

“Great cardio workout, great atmosphere, and a high level of energy at Paragon”

Tyler Lott Picture1 New Home“I’ve participated in the kick boxing class twice a week at Paragon. It is such a great cardio workout with such a great atmosphere! I have had such a wonderful experience since i started working out here. The kickboxing instructor David keeps everyone motivated and the energy level up. This is a must try for anyone wanting a fun cardio workout that you get great results from.” TYLER LOTT, KICKBOXING