Take The Challenge

“Starting an activity of any type can be honestly scary – new social crowd, rearranging schedules, possibly bracing yourself for disappointment, rejection, etc.

I know. It’s hard to walk through the doors of a business to see if you fit in. The easy way is to make some calls, or shoot some emails…anything but actually getting out of your car and walking through that door.

I’ve been there. You have all these emotions going through you. Fact is, you want to feel welcomed and to reserve the right, not obligation, to choose not to ‘sign up’ . Everyone will have some questions and then some hesitancy when they start. That is completely natural. We’ve been in business for a few years so we’ve heard them all ok. Look, the guys who train here and stay needed a little push at first too. They came wondering if they were too old to start for example. I assured them that’s perfectly fine. Give us a chance to address any concerns you have and get you going.”

- Paragon Dallas Owner John Brink